Our Client Base

Hoexter Executive Consulting specializes in assisting nonprofits and foundation that are changing direction, starting out, or starting out again.


Some of our satisfied clients include:

  • A large international health organization that was setting a new direction and sharpening its message
  • A 100+ year old Jewish benevolent association that needed to completely reinvent itself for the 21st century
  • A new family foundation that needed a first-ever executive director
  • A psychoanalytic institute raising private funds for the first time


"Vivien made an enormous difference for the Workmen's Circle at a critical moment in our history.  We had many of the ingredients of a successful 3-year plan but needed someone to craft it into a compelling narrative, get Board approval, and move into action.  Vivien worked intensively with me and my staff to develop goals and concrete strategies to achieve them.  She also made excellent recommendations on organizational development issues like staffing and structure.  I loved working with her and will continue to use her services going forward."


-Ann Toback, Executive Director, Workmen's Circle


"As the COO, I brought Vivien Hoexter to EngenderHealth to assist us in charting a course for our organization under Pam Barnes, our new CEO. Vivien created an effective process for us to crystallize our organization's vision into a succinct, inspirational and aspirational statement. This is no small feat for any organization, and she managed to develop an approach that was inclusive but also efficient. We were very pleased with Vivien's work, both in terms of her collaboration with executive leadership to define and design a process and in terms of her meeting facilitation and process management. I would recommend her highly for any visioning, strategizing, or planning work."


-Daniel Doucette, COO, EngenderHealth