Our Services

We offer a variety of services designed to make your foundation as effective and efficient as possible. Some of our main practice areas are listed below.

Vision and Strategy

New foundations often hire us because they want to establish their foundation's vision, objectives, and grant-making priorities before they start to give away money. Or they have already begun to make grants and want to finetune their approach. Either way, it is critical to think about how to make the greatest impact with the funds available.

Learning and Evaluation

How do you know if the money you are giving away is being put to good use? Because of Vivien's extensive experience working for nonprofits and consulting to them, she knows how to identify organizations that are doing good work well. She also knows how to help you think through the best ways to work collaboratively to learn from and evaluate programs you are funding.

Talent Acquisition

Sometimes a new family foundation needs a professional executive director, or an established one needs top talent. We find the right talent for your foundation using our extensive networks. We know where to look for the people who appreciate your goals and have the experience and drive to achieve them.