Our Services

We offer a focused set of services designed to empower your organization to achieve its potential.  Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Vision and Strategy

We assist your organization in understanding its unique strengths and special niche that will make your group stand out from the crowd and attract donors.  We facilitate the process of developing a clear and compelling vision.  We also help create the strategies and tactics that will help you achieve that vision.


We advise on all aspects of implementation, including designing your organizational structure, hiring the key people, and selecting the right software and systems. We have broad knowledge of human resources, information technology, finance, and facilities.  And we have relationships with other consultants who have deeper knowledge in each of these areas.

Revenue Enhancement

A critical element in your organization's success is raising revenue to support your vision and strategies.  We develop fund raising plans for organizations of all sizes. These often include an audit of your current fund raising operation and recommendations on staffing, strategy, board development, and investment in the revenue producing areas of your organization.