"Vivien made an enormous difference for the Workmen's Circle at a critical moment in our history..... I loved working with her and will continue to use her services going forward." 


-Ann Toback, Executive Director, Workmen's Circle

Aviva Strategic Advising

We are a management consulting firm assisting nonproft organizations and foundations with strategic planning, fundraising and conference design and production.


If you are a nonprofit, your organization will be most successful if you formulate a unique, compelling vision and workable strategies based on that vision before asking a single donor for money,


If you are a foundation, you will have the greatest impact if you have clearly thought through your mission and vision and established clear, crisp grantmaking priorities to achieve them.


We design and produce convenings and conferences, particularly those focused on increasing racial and economic equity in cities around the country.


A critical aspect of our work is leadership development. We coach high-level nonprofit executives as well as those transitioning into the sector.

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